Elkins Off-Season Baseball



Tryout Date & Time:  June 7 2016, 5:45 PM
Please email kevinmax22 (at) gmail (dot) com to request the Player Information Form.



Tryout Location:  Elkins High School facilities

7007 Knights Ct

Missouri City TX 77459


Tryout Details

All players will be timed in the 60

Catchers will have pop time recorded

Pitchers will throw a short bullpen (15-20 pitches)

Position players will be evaluated at their primary position

Weather permitting, live hitting will take place on the field.  Should weather be an issue, all players will hit in the covered batting cages


Players trying out will provide their own glove, spikes, baseball pants, and any protective equipment during the tryout.  Baseballs and batting helmets will be provided for use during the tryout.  Any player who is deemed not be dressed to safely participate in the tryout will not be allowed to do so.  Do not wear shorts.  Do not wear sneakers.  Do not wear jeans.


Because this is a high school level team, players will be required to use high school approved equipment.  This includes bats that must be a -3 drop and must be BBCOR approved.  Metal spikes are allowed and encouraged.


After the tryout, the summer coaches will select the roster and contact all selected players.  We aim to have the roster selected no more than a few days after the tryout.



Should you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact the Off Season Coordinator Kevin Max via email at kevinmax22 (at) gmail (dot) com





Frequently Asked Questions & Information


What is Summer Baseball?

-Previously referred to as Mickey Mantle baseball, the Elkins Off Season program will field a team of incoming freshmen that will participate in games and/or league play.  We presently do not enter any affiliated Mickey Mantle/Connie Mack/PONY or any other league.


Who can play?

-Any incoming freshman that is 1) zoned to Elkins 2) has proof of acceptance into the Engineering Academy.


How are players selected?

-All interested players will be required to attend a tryout that will be held in May and the team roster will be selected by the team Coach and Off Season Coordinator.


How many players are selected?

-We try to keep the roster size small and will generally keep 15-18 players.


If a player doesn't make the summer team, does that mean he won't make a team in the spring?

-Absolutely not.  A player is not excluded from nor guaranteed a spot on the school team in the spring because of their status in the summer.


Who will be coaching the team?

-To remain in line with UIL rules, no coach who is employed by Elkins High School is permitted to coach during the off season.  The Off Season Coordinator will hire outside personnel to run the team.  Our preference is to hire a former Elkins player.  All hired coaches are required to go through a background check both by our sponsoring league and FBISD.


 How long does the season last?

-The season is 12 games, starting May 26 and ending July 18.  Our designated league game nights are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We generally have 2 games scheduled per week and any games canceled due to weather will be added to the schedule as needed.  Games have historically been a 6 or 8 PM start.


Are there any practices or is it only games?

-Weather permitting, we will hold at least one practice per week.


Why should we play summer baseball?

-Because the team is coached by former Elkins players, all incoming freshmen on the team will get a head start on Elkins specific terminology, coaching methods, and practice drills.  Since our summer coaches are the first to be around the players for any meaningful time, they are able to provide evaluations and feedback to the school coaches about all players.  Since tryouts in the spring for the school teams are only a few days, it is a great benefit to incoming new players to participate in in summer freshman baseball to get their name on the radar of the school coaches.


Can my son still play on his select team?

-We have no rules forbidding a player from participating with a select team as well as his Elkins summer team.  We do ask that any player who is selected for and accepts a position on our summer team commits to participating in all of our scheduled games and as many practices as possible.


What is the cost for the summer season?

-Cost per player does vary slightly each year depending on the number of players kept on the roster but we make every effort to keep the fee under $275 per player.  This is a one time fee for the summer season that covers league entry fee, insurance, umpires, coach, uniform top and hat.  Summer league is not a fund raising endeavor and players will only be charged what is needed to cover expenses.


Is this only for incoming freshmen?

-Yes.  We currently have no plans to host teams for returning players during the summer.  This is the time that players are free to participate in select baseball with a team of their choosing.  Our summer program is for incoming freshmen only.  During the fall portion of the off season, teams for returning players will be formed.